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Reading, Writing & Math Help for Dyslexia, LD & ADHD

Contest: ASW Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program

Nov 11th, 2014
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The Contest is over…

Congratulations to Colleen T! She has just won the ASW Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program!

Dyslexia Program Helps Students with Learning Reading

Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET has put together over 40 years of experience as a learning disability, dyslexia, and ADHD  specialist and designed a reading, writing, and study skills dyslexia program that you as parents can use with your kids to improve their skills. She teaches you every step of the way via video lessons. She also provides you with the books you’ll need to implement the program. The program was designed specifically with kids that struggle with learning reading. Some of the students successfully using the program have an identified learning disability or dyslexia, others are ‘falling through the cracks’ so to speak. Learning reading has always been a bit of a struggle. Others want to get a boost up.

Bonnie not only believes, but has seen all students improve their skills. You’ll typically see some improvement within 3 days of starting the program and other improvements within 3 weeks.

Who is the ASW Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Dyslexia Program for?

Bonnie has always taught students from kindergarten through adults. As a result, every Awaken the Scholar Within Program that she has designed is for multiple ages and abilities. This program is for moms and dads or grandparents that want to help their 1st graders through high school kids. It is also for adults wanting to improve their own skills. In fact, many of those that have already worked the program (about 50%) are adults doing the program for themselves.

(1st – adults)

What parents say about the dyslexia program…dyslexia programs, learning disabilities

My son was repeating first grade. By chance I ran across Bonnie’s website and read about the  Awaken the Scholar Within Reading & Writing Program. I called Bonnie and we must have talked for at least 30 minutes. I signed up immediately. Within weeks Caleb was making progress. I’m so glad I found this dyslexia program!

Karry P, Parent, CT


Go here to read more about the Awaken the Scholar Within Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program.

dyslexia program, learning disabilities, learning reading


Halloween, Sugar and ADHD Kids

Oct 28th, 2014
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Halloween, Sugar and ADHD Kids

Does all the Halloween candy really trigger ADHD kids to have meltdowns?

sugar and ADHD, ADHD kids, halloween Halloween is just around the corner…which means all that extra sugar that    kids aren’t accustomed to. If your kids are anything like mine, they really look forward to trick-or-treating…going out with their group of friends, with a parent discreetly behind them. It is always one of the high points of the fall season.

Once my kids got home, they couldn’t wait to show off the amount of candy they got. I knew from past experience that too much sugar didn’t agree with my kids. They would either have a stomach ache or get irritable. I always figured it was the sugar causing it, and it was, but not in the way I thought.

One of my ADHD kids would always get particularly affected by all the Halloween candy. We had previously found that beyond sugar, he was affected by the red dye in jello and other foods. So we were already monitoring his regular diet and then learned to watch even more carefully with all the Halloween treats.  I was particularly surprised when I found the results of studies related to sugar and ADHD.

What Studies Say About Sugar and ADHD

Study after study from the 1970’s to 2014 states that sugar does not cause hyperactivity. In fact, studies show that small amounts of sugar can actually have a healthy place in a child’s diet. A small amount, like a ¼ to ½ teaspoon in an ounce of water has been known to soothe a fussy baby. The key here is the amount of sugar. The reason for the irritability and stomach aches was not sugar per se, but the quantity of sugar they ingested. ADHD kids  and kids in general often eat (or drink) too much sugar, especially on Halloween. (Too much of anything typically isn’t good for you!)

Chemically, What Does Sugar Do?

We need to look at what happens to the body when you eat sweets. When sugar from sweets enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain, it temporarily increases the levels of several neuro-chemicals. These neuro-chemicals, such as serotonin, actually calm the body in normal levels. However, when your body takes in too much sugar, the blood-sugar rises quickly, creates a corresponding large amount of insulin to manage the large amounts of sugar consumed. sbiancamento denti The insulin moves the sugar from of the blood into the body’s cells. Blood-sugar then drops, and you can end up feeling shaky or irritable, and may even get a tummy ache.

Advice for a Calmer Halloween for ADHD Kids

Halloween, sugar and ADHD, ADHD kidsSo what we need to do is watch how much candy (sugar) our ADHD kids eat – the intake – to keep blood-sugar levels more consistent.  Do this by controlling portion size, drinking water instead of fruit juices, and eating protein (cheese beans, meat, or nuts) and fiber (vegetables and whole grains) along with sweets. These actions help regulate sugar absorption, leveling the rise and fall of blood sugar levels.
Remember, though, that sugar-rich foods are typically full of empty calories that tend to displace the foods that are high in nutrition. Even though studies show that sugar does not directly cause hyperactivity, a high sugar intake does not feed the body nutritiously.

Halloween ADHD Kids Action Steps

The quick solution to maintaining blood sugar levels and preventing the shaky feelings and irritable behavior:

  1. Control sugar portion size
  2. Drink water
  3. Eat protein (cheese, meat, or nuts)
  4. Eat fiber (vegetables and whole grains)
  5. You might even take some cheese sticks and or nuts with you to much on during the trick-or-treating…to prevent some of the affect of all that sugar!

For post Halloween activities…how to use those treats for a learning experience…read this post.


Skotske fotograf Albert Watson afslører

Oct 12th, 2014
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Skotske fotograf Albert Watson afslører, hvordan han talte Clint Eastwood ud af sit tøj til fotosession

SCOTS berømthed fotograf Albert Watson har fortalt, hvordan han formåede at tale Hollywood legenden Clint Eastwood ud af sit tøj til en fotosession.

Edinburgh født Albert, betragtes som en af ​​de bedste portræt fotografer i verden, måtte overbevise Dirty Harry stjerne, at hans tøj ikke var godt, canada goose vest var muligvis dårlig og var absolut grimt, da han dukkede op for at blive skudt af Watson.

Han sagde:… “Jeg havde problemer med Clint Eastwood Han kom i iført Ralph Lauren farvet ferskenfarvede golfspillers top med grønne slacks Han var en frygtelig kommode jeg fortalte ham, at jeg havde nogle skjorter, han ønskede at vide, hvad der var galt med det, han .. var iført Han havde en god linje, men jeg havde en bedre Han sagde: “jeg troede, det var om mig?” og jeg sagde, “Ja, hr Eastwood, men dette fotografi er ikke for dit klaver. det er for forsiden af ​​Rolling Stone.

“Jeg havde en gammel Wrangler skjorte fra 1950’erne. Han tænkte det kiggede lidt ‘vestlig’, jeg sagde, at jeg troede, at det lignede et godt arbejde skjorte. Han lagde det på, og jeg tog billedet. Han bad om at se det, og kiggede på det i lang tid, så sagde han, “det ser godt ud, jeg vil bruge det på forsiden af ​​min biografi.”

Albert er en af ​​Skotlands mest succesfulde emigranter, have levet i Amerika i over 40 år med sin kone på over 50 år Elizabeth

Kate Moss af Albert Watson 1993 for tysk Vogue

Han har fotograferet utallige En liste tal med hans arbejde byder på forsiden af ​​livsstil bibler Vogue og Rolling Stone utallige gange.

Fra Bowie og Prince til Naomi Campbell og Kate Moss, er han blevet en af ​​de mest produktive lensmen i showbiz og hans billeder af figurer, herunder Alfred Hitchcock, Mick Jagger og Andy Warhol er blevet endelig.

Hans kunstneriske øje har også komponeret slående filmplakater som Kill Bill med Uma Thurman og National Theatre af Skotlands Macbeth, og byder fyr New York Scot Alan Cumming.

Men han insisterer det vigtigste redskab i en fotografs arsenal er ikke hans kamera eller lysudstyr. Så du kan sige, at din bedste våben er din personlighed. ”

Og at skulle fange essensen af ​​nogle notorisk vanskelige emner, herunder sent Apple chef Steve Jobs.

“Da jeg fotograferede Steve Jobs PR personen fra Apple kom ind for at advare mig, hvordan Steve hadede fotografer. De fortalte mig, at jeg havde ham i en time og en halv, og da han kom i jeg fortalte ham, at jeg havde brug for kun 45 minutter.

“Han lyser op på det, spurgte mig, hvorfor jeg var stadig skyde i filmen. Jeg fortalte ham, at jeg ikke tror, ​​digital var helt der endnu. Han var enig og fortalte mig,” Vi vil komme der. “”

Albert afslørede også, hvordan han coachet den sene digitale titan ind posere for hvad der er blevet den mest kendte billede af hans lignelse.

Han sagde: “. Jeg fortalte ham at forestille sig han sad over bordet fra en flok mennesker, der ikke er enige med ham Han sagde:” Intet problem, jeg gøre det hver dag, “og han gav en usynlig lille smil, sagde, “Du er alle imod mig, men det kommer til at ske.” ”

Men snapper, der studerede på Dundee s Duncan og Jordanstone College of Art and Design og Londons Royal College of Art efter at have arbejdet i Duncans chokoladefabrik i Edinburgh mindede hvordan det nogle gange ikke går efter planen.

Han sagde: “Jeg sjældent laver fejl i showbiz, men det betyder ikke, jeg ikke gøre dem.

“Der er tidspunkter, når jeg ser tilbage, og ved, at jeg kunne have gjort bedre. Engang år siden, jeg var fotografere Nicole Kidman. Hun havde lige gjort filmen Dead Calm og jeg ønskede at spraye hende med vand at gøre hende fyldes op ligne det kørte.

“Men jeg har ikke fortælle make up artist, hvad jeg ønskede at gøre, og de sætter et pund af de ting på hende. Det var forfærdeligt. En katastrofe. Jeg skulle have kontrolleret det. Jeg har fotograferet hende mange gange siden, herunder plakaten til The Hours, og jeg har aldrig lade det ske igen. ”

I modsætning til nogle i sit felt, Albert støtter udbredelsen af ​​amatør fotografering, med kameratelefon revolutionerer tilgang til hverdagens fotografering.

Han sagde: “Jeg kan bare lide, at folk har et kamera og tage billeder, selv om 99% af dem ophold på kameraet Digital kan slå en person, der ikke var en fotograf til en fotograf, men det kan ikke slå en fotograf til en stor. en.”

Albert Watson fotograferer fra Skye serien

Albert var genstand for en 2014 BBC Scotland dokumentar Hvad gør kunstnere gør hele dagen, som så ham gå i gang med et fotoprojekt byder dramatiske fremstillinger af landskabet på Isle of Skye.

Billederne kunne endnu en del af en udstilling, og selv om Albert indrømmer de viste sig kontroversielt.

Han sagde:… “Jeg skød hver dag mellem 05:30 og 5,30pm i midten af ​​oktober jeg ønskede at se ordentlig vejr Folk holdes fortæller mig, der havde været smukt vejr om sommeren, men jeg ønskede vind og regn jeg boede i seks år i LA, og at helbredt mig ønsket om at trække sig tilbage til solen den måde, nogle skotske folk vil.

Albert Watson fotograferer fra Skye serien

“Men jeg sagde dengang, at jeg ønskede at” dominere “landskabet og at der var for mange billeder af Skye som lignede postkort. Så ideen var at bryde det.

“” Dominans “var måske et dårligt valg af ord fra min side. Men hvad jeg mente var, har der dominerer et landskab, og så er der at lade et landskab dominere dig. Når du gør noget for at det billede, du dominere det, og det er forskel på, hvordan kunstnere tænker og hvordan fotografer tænker. Hvad jeg har gjort er at sætte en tommelfinger print på dem, som gør dem mine. ”


Webinar: 5 Steps to Turning a Learning Disadvantage into a Life-long Advantage

Oct 6th, 2014
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Learning Can Become Easier!

5-Steps to Turning a Learning Disadvantage into a Life-long Advantage

Turn learning disadvantages into life-long advantages…

Pat Wyman from is interviewing Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET and she has agreed to show you step-by-step exactly what to do to turn those learning disadvantages: reading problems, comprehension problems, writing problems, dyslexia, learning disabilities, virtual reality glasses and ADHD into life-long advantages. There is a 5-step process to do this and Bonnie will go over all 5-steps. You don’t want to miss out on this learning webinar!

Activities for Dyslexia, ADHD Kids, and More…

There will be specific activities that prove to you that your kids can learn – no matter what problems they are having! Bonnie will show specific ways to improve note-taking, writing skills, and memory skills. You will also understand how we learn – the 5 ways we take in information and what you can do to make learning easier! This is the year that learning can become easier! And, to make it easy for you, Bonnie and Pat will be offering this learning advantage webinar 4 times…so pick the time and date that is most convenient for you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar! Only 100 participants each webinar time slot, so register now to reserve your spot!

And, while you are waiting to see the webinar…you may be interested in reading:

A Family Activity That Keeps Your Halloween Memories and Improves Learning Skills and Writing Skills

Overcome Reading, Writing, Spelling, and Math Roadblocks (There are specific reasons your child struggles with learning and their struggles can be overcome!)

Remember, you can use everyday activities to help your kids succeed! Register NOW!

Auditory Processing and Learning…

Sep 24th, 2014
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Auditory Processing and Learning…

Symptoms of Auditory Processing Problems

auditory processing, VAK, learning disabiitiesDo your kids have trouble with:

  • Following instructions?
  • Rhyming words?
  • Reading comprehension?
  • Listening comprehension?
  • Remembering facts?
  • Reading aloud or dislike reading aloud?
  • Spelling words accurately?
  • Word problems?


These are all symptoms of difficulty with just one area of auditory processing. And auditory processing is one of the most common areas impacted in kids or adults with learning disabilities.


There are 9 specific areas of auditory processing that impact learning in the following ways.

VAK, Auditory Processing, <a href=payday loans learning disabilities” width=”704″ height=”197″ />


The good news is you can improve auditory processing skills with specific exercises and activities. And, you can do these activities with the whole family in just a few minutes and see everyone’s skills increase! It is a total win/win situation! These auditory skills can improve quite rapidly and learning can become so much easier when you do the simple activities.

auditory processing, VAK, learning disabiitiesFamily Auditory Processing VAK Activity:

Sit in the back yard or front yard and listen to the sounds you hear. Write them down. How many sounds have you heard? Compare with each other the sounds everyone has heard. Then you can even categorize the sounds. Then go to another place: the park, river, soccer field, church, school yard, or mall and do the same. Compare and contrast the sounds in the different places.

What Do Parents Say About the Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Therapy Program:

“My son’s reading fluency has really improved and so has his spelling. He listens better too. Thanks so much!”

Kim M.

“Bonnie, I can’t thank you enough for this program. Your simple VAK activities have really made such a difference to our family. I’ve even noticed that my own skills are improving!”

Laura B.



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Sep 20th, 2014
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The difference between Arnold and most leading California Democrats comes on taxes and spending. He wants to try to balance the budget while cutting taxes, while Democrats (and most independent analysts) say that can’t be done. He would tend to oppose laws that add new mandates to employers while Democrats tend to favor them.

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Under the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s records system in use at the time, the Joseph incident was classified as an aggravated battery against an officer, not an arrest related death, sheriff’s spokeswoman Teri Barbera said. That’s what the original 911 call reported. The classification wasn’t updated after Joseph died, but a new system for the sheriff’s office allows record keepers to reclassify such a call so it could be reported as an arrest related death..

This does not mean that long copy should be used merely for the sake of filling space. Long copy should be used in order to crowd in as many sales arguments as possible. Here are some additional points Caples makes with regard to length of copy: Advocates of short copy say, “I don think anybody will read all that small print.

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Sep 20th, 2014
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International students who wish to undertake this program will not qualify for a Student Visa. To study this program in Australia, international students must hold alternative Australian Visa/Residency status with a sufficient study entitlement. See Department of Immigration and Border Protection for further details.

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Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Program

Sep 17th, 2014
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Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Therapy Program

This VAK Therapy Program is Designed for:
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This program is specifically designed for those with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, other learning challenges, or those that just take too long to do their homework.

Remember, we take in information through our visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic systems (seeing, hearing, and doing). Each of those systems has nine subcategories. When one or more isn’t working as well as they could, should, and can, learning becomes more difficult than it needs to be. When you address those areas by doing specific activities and exercises, they become stronger and work more efficiently. This ultimately makes learning easier.

The tactile/kinesthetic system impacts learning in the following ways:

 Kinesthetic, learning disabilities

Simple kinesthetic activities can and do improve learning skills.

The Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Therapy Program provides activities and exercises designed specifically to address the underlying root causes of learning problems. Bonnie Terry Learning is offering one of our ASW VAK Therapy Programs for FREE. Just enter the contest to win!

The activities in the program typically take any where from 3 minutes to 10 minutes. Each day (5-days a week) there are several exercises to do that can take up to 20 minutes a day. Many of the activities are ones you can do with the whole family. Some of the activities are paper and pencil activities. Other activities are movement activities such as specific bean bag toss activities. Doing these simple movement activities activates the brain so learning becomes easier.

And, while you’re waiting to hear if you are the lucky winner…check out our 4 other Awaken the Scholar Within Programs.

Kinesthetic Family Activity for you…

VAK, Kinesthetic, learning disabilitiesGo on a family walk or hike and see how many different items you can find that are the length of your thumb. Write them down and then compare and contrast what you found. (Little ones will find different items than mom or dad as their thumb is smaller.)

Don’t forget to head over to enter the contest and pass it on too! Every time you pass the contest on, your chances of winning goes up! Contest closes September 30th.


What Parents Say About the Program:

“Thanks so much Bonnie. You’ve done it again. I love all of your programs! This VAK therapy Program came as a surprise to us. I had no idea how these simple fun activities would work for us – but they sure did! Reading and writing is getting better already.”

Pam T.

Improve Auditory Learning Skills with the ASW VAK Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Therapy Program

Sep 9th, 2014
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Improve Auditory Processing Skills

Learning Disabilities, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing, and VAK Problems

What if… You found a learning disability solution that is not just another quick fix?? What if… This school year, you learned to help your child gain new skills and become a better student and learning became easier???

In my last post I wrote about how we take in information through the senses: visual processing, auditory processing, and kinesthetic processing. When your visual, auditory, and tactile kinesthetic systems are working well, learning becomes easier. Just as visual processing is more than seeing, auditory processing is more than the ability to hear.

Learning Reading Help, auditory processing Auditory processing

Auditory perception / processing is the ability to use what you hear, to make sense of it, organize it, use it, and learn from it. Those that have difficulties with auditory processing might be poor listeners and have difficulty remembering or understanding verbal information, directions, and/or lectures. Auditory processing directly impacts the following areas of learning.

learning disabilities, visual processing


Symptoms of  Auditory Perception Problems


Kids and adults with auditory problems or CAPD may have difficulty with:


• Discrimination of sounds • Spelling • Remembering and/or understanding verbal information • Following oral directions • Summarizing • Taking notes form a lecture


The good news in all of this is that these are learned skills, and they can be improved. With specific exercises and activities, the auditory system can be improved, which then improves learning. These exercises are like gymnastics for the auditory (hearing) system. They improve your abilities in phonemic awareness, word attack skills, spelling, word recognition, comprehension, and more.

Auditory Family Activity


And, for a fun family activity that improves listening skills…do an “Add-On Story”, where one person starts the story and each subsequent person adds on to it. The story can be silly but does need to make sense. Watch Bonnie on the video for more on this.

Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK) Therapy Program & Improve Learning Skills

Sep 5th, 2014
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Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic (VAK) Therapy Program Improves Learning Skills

 dyslexic kids, learning disabledVAK therapy can overcome many struggles with reading, writing, spelling, study skills, and math

When you think about how we learn and realize that everyone learns through the senses, it makes sense that this is so. We all take in information by tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing, and doing, even if you have dyslexia, ADHD, autistic spectrum, or auditory processing problems. When you have dyslexic kids or ADHD kids that struggle with learning, it is due to one or more areas of auditory, visual, or tactile/kinesthetic processing not working as well as they should, could, and can. These  visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic (VAK) skills are learned skills and they can be improved!dyslexia, Bonnie Terry, learning disabilities

So, if you were to target these VAK skills and improve them, learning becomes easier. Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET has recently put together all of the VAK exercises and activities that target 27 areas of perception and make stronger neuropathways and connections in the brain. iphone 5 replacement screen (She’s been using these activities and exercises for well over 35 years with her students and many others have already taken the program and improved with it.)

This compilation of activities and exercises is what the Awaken the Scholar Within VAK Therapy Program is.These specially designed activities, over time and repetition, ultimately create large neuro-networks which makes learning everything easier. The stronger these neuropathways become, the faster the information travels and is processed. When your visual, auditory, and tactile/kinesthetic processing systems are functioning well, your whole brain functions better, and learning becomes easier.

Bonnie states, “I’m so excited to finally make this ASW VAK Therapy Program available, I’m going to give one away. I’ve never done this before, but all of the clients that have already worked the program have made such tremendous progress I decided I just had to give one program away for free.”

Visual Processing affects learning





 Auditory Processing affects learning Kinesthetic tactile affects learning

What parents of dyslexic kids and ADHD kids say…

“I have 4 kids, and three of them struggle. One struggles with reading and spelling, one just struggles with spelling, and the third one struggles with reading and writing. I knew something was not working right for them. I knew they were smart, but everything just seemed so hard. I had no idea that I could actually help them to learn with ease. It was a day that changed our lives when I talked with Bonnie and found that doing some simple activities could make learning so much easier! The ASW VAK program provides you with video lessons and the reading fluency program too. Those lessons made all the difference to our family. My kids loved doing the activities Bonnie showed us. We all had fun doing them and the best part is that my kids skills improved! Thank you for creating this VAK learning skills program!”

Therese V, Parent NC

“My daughter was struggling in 5th grade…I had heard about different kinds of therapy and didn’t quite understand how or why it would work. Then I spoke with Bonnie. She explained everything in a way that I really got it. So I started my daughter in the program. We saw progress in some areas in just a few days and homework time soon became easier too.  Thanks Bonnie!!!”

Kara B, Parent, Il

“My son had been struggling with everything. I met you at a conference and you explained step-by-step what I could do to help him. I’m so glad I took your advice and started him with the VAK Therapy Program. It has made such a difference. now I’m getting ready to do your ASW Reading, Writing, and Study Skills Program. After the VAK Program working so well, I know I can do it and my son will just keep on improving. You have not only given us hope, you’ve also given us success. Thanks so much!”

Tilly P, Parent, AZ

Read more about the ASW Visual Auditory Kinesthetic (VAK) Therapy Program here.

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