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Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is a Board Certified Educational Therapist and best selling author with over 35 years of experience. She is the CEO of Bonnie Terry Learning, one of the fastest growing high-level education companies specializing in giving a 2 – 4 year advantage in reading, writing, and math to LD, dyslexic, ADHD, and gifted children.

With thousands of case studies, articles, and national and international consultations/presentations and awards, Bonnie Terry shows parents, homeschoolers, and teachers how to identify their child’s learning problems and how to address them in 20 minutes a day, whether their kids have LD, dyslexia, ADHD, are falling through the cracks, or are even gifted. Then she follows you every step of the way, ensuring your child’s success.

If you are interested in a system that will help you properly identify your child’s learning problems and be able to address them…

If you are interested in a system that can instantly turn your struggling children into children that learn with ease…

If you are scared about what will happen to your child if something doesn’t change and you are afraid you can’t make a difference in their lives…

Then you will realize very quickly why so many parents have come to Bonnie Terry to have access to her ‘Speed to Learning’ rapid learning acceleration system in the Awaken the Scholar Within Program.


Hi Bonnie!

I’m not sure if you remember me but right now I am applying to transfer to UCSB and I wrote this and I just wanted you to read it and to say thanks so much for everything!

My intended major is English.  My love for the written word began in first grade.  At first, I struggled with reading and writing.  English just wasn’t important to me.  All I wanted to do was run around on the playground, not sit and read. My parents became worried when they realized that I could so deeply emerge myself in a game of capture the flag but I couldn’t even sit down and read my homework.  They decided it was time to seek help. My parents found Bonnie Terry’s program.  She fueled my desire for learning.  She had me start small, thirty minutes of reading short sentences followed by game playing.   Then we moved on to short stories and after about a month, I could read easily (and I was pretty good at playing games too). 

I still remember the first novel I read by myself.  It was called Brighty of the Grand Canyon and it still sits on my shelf in my room.  I was so proud of myself and by then I couldn’t get enough.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  Reading, and Bonnie, made me who I am today.  Without my love for reading, I never could have excelled in school.  By sixth grade, I already had a college reading level because of all the books I read and I was placed in AP English throughout junior high and high school.  Reading became my passion and I knew I had to pass on my passion to others.

English has opened so many doors for me and I would like to continue to open doors with this subject as my major.  Bonnie was my first mentor, she taught me to love reading and writing with everything inside of me.  In school, the books I read made excelling in school a simple thing and I realize that I really could help people grow by spreading my love for reading and writing.  It has been an adventure getting to where I am today and I plan to continue on this adventure for as long as I can. Bonnie, Thank you so much!

Bridget Hogan (former student) (CA)


Before I found the Bonnie Terry’s System, my son was failing 2nd grade. School was more of a social thing than a learning thing. I met with his teacher and with his principal. They were talking about holding him back. He wasn’t reading, period. He had no capability to read. He was at least 2 years below. Everything was low. When reading is low, and reading comprehension is low, everything is low. He couldn’t write or spell, even math was difficult for him. Our lives changed when we found your system. It was just what we needed. It was a 100% turnaround! I noticed the improvement immediately, but it became more dramatic as time went on. He came home with smiles. He started liking school. He became a confident learner. In fact, by the time he was in 4th grade, he was at the top of his class.

Margie Konen, parent, Cool, CA


I’ve been working with the Bonnie Terry Learning System for 3 years. Most of my students are in need of better tracking skills. The system really addresses that problem. It doesn’t take long to see their progress and they continue to improve without exception. It is very easy to use with students. They all catch on very quickly. It is both challenging and interesting for them. It also gives a good job at teaching them how to work independently. It just takes a few days of using the Bonnie Terry Learning System and my students know what to do. It is very clear and diversified. It holds their interest. The long-term carry over is there. Every single solitary child improves his comprehension and his note taking and ability to condense things down into meaningful sentences. I like that. They keep moving at their own pace and yet they are challenged. The games are such an integral part of the system. Every day ends with fun and they get to learn something without feeling like they are learning. The charting of their progress is great. It shows the kids their progress daily. The system is very compact and very sequential. You don’t find that elsewhere. With the system you can keep working on areas that the children are having difficulty with and you can move up when they are ready to do that. This is by far the way to teach.

Marcia Byrne, Elementary Reading Teacher (30 years experience)


The videos made all the difference in the world. I’m a very visual person. Once I saw the games played, they were so easy to use with my 6 kids. The spelling video showed me step by step the structure. You really made spelling easy for my kids. I just keep working with the video, the spelling, the way you explain it, they watch it over and over. It really sinks in. Your system helps build their self-esteem up. They’re short quick activities. You can get so much done in an hour. They read, take notes, work on English and math. One of the best parts is that I can use your system with all of my kids. Thank you so much.

Regina Adams, parent, Rio Linda, CA


The difficulty with childhood self esteem with students with learning difficulties is the crucial component to address. Using the Bonnie Terry Learning System with kids with learning difficulties, especially with mild to moderate problems, can go a great way towards reducing lack of self-esteem because the continued and spaced practice is very strong. It is educationally effective. The fun activities and games in the system can help them get over what in many cases is a developmental delay that can be strengthened through using your system. One of the key issues with dealing with kids with learning disabilities is the self-esteem issue. Your system is designed to help the student feel successful, be successful and develop the remediation process that they need all in the context of having fun. That is how the Bonnie Terry Learning System is so different from any other program. The self-esteem is built in without any artificial reward. It is intrinsic to the activity. Reading, writing, spelling, study skills, and math are all addressed.

Dr. Nancy Richards, Doctorate from University of Arkansas, Specialization in Methods of Teaching and Learning



I was introduced to your materials right away, when I first started out. It was one of those things that somebody said, “Look at this and start using it.” Then I went to visit people using “Best Practices” and they introduced me to Bonnie Terry system. All of her materials are easy to use – student friendly, parent friendly, and teacher friendly too. When I am looking at materials to use with my students, I want to know how I can start using them right away, without having to take a week-long course to use them. I want to be able to use a system, to take something of value and incorporate it into my classroom immediately.  What I like about your program is it does just that. For instance, Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills takes us only five minutes. It is something that I do that targets the fluency and rhythm.

This little ESL boy now that I’m working with has no reading skills, well very little, but I’m going through a program to teach him phonetically, and with your program I can work on fluency skills because he can’t read a full passage yet but he can read your words. He can sound out your words and feel successful. He has things going on. With the success he has, he just blossoms. It makes him blossom and all the other things he can do. It makes him feel so much better about himself. We all know the psychological effect that success can have on a child. So I enjoy having Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills as part of my bag of tricks. It is consistent, efficient and gets the job done.

 With Bonnie’s system you get a multitude of materials. One of the other parts of the system is Sentence Zone. I really like it because it is a nice linear way of seeing how you put sentences all together without having 85 parts of speech. I bought this other program and I’m just kicking myself for it. I spent over $500.00 just for materials to teach this one area and it is so complex. For me to have to deliver it, I’m thinking what must this child with learning disabilities on the other end of it think of it. To have The Sentence Zone as part of your system, I can’t believe the difference. English grammar and sentence writing, the way you present it, linear, it is much more efficient. It works!  

Vanessa Silver, BCET 


A review of just one of Bonnie Terry’s materials: Five Minutes to Better Reading Skills

Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills

Review by: Donna Campos, Senior Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, June 2008.

Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills is presented as a fast, fun approach to improve reading skills. The program includes a Teacher’s Manual, Mastery Charts, and a Student Booklet. The Mastery Charts are included in the Teacher’s Manual, so that the components include the two spiral bound books. The Student Booklet is 45 pages, while the Teacher’s Manual includes the 45 pages of the Student Booklet, plus an additional 10 pages of instructions. An additional 2 pages of Table of Contents and 1 page of Introduction begin the Teacher’s Manual. The page numbers in both books coincide, making it very easy to work the included material simultaneously, as intended. Permission is granted to print the copy charts in the Teacher’s Manual, but no other additional material is available for reprint. The 45 pages include the actual drills to be utilized in the program, only the Mastery Charts to track progress are necessary outside of the drills. There is a reference to using Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills, also available from Bonnie Terry Learning, but only as a suggestion for smooth transitioning and extended skill retention. There is also a one page listing of other materials available from Bonnie Terry Learning at the start of each book. The included charts offer options for various reading levels by listing a different number of word counts on three different charts. An example chart is also supplied, partially completed, to demonstrate how to complete the chart accurately. All 45 drills are listed on the two page “Mastery Chart” along with a one page sample Mastery Chart partially completed. A Mastery Guide Chart is also provided, listing a range of word counts appropriate for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th, and High School reading levels.

The technique of Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills calls for only five minutes of time, at least twice a week, performing the included drills in order to improve a student’s reading skills. Appropriate for use with all reading age groups, including adults, the program increases reading mastery while improving reading speed. The drills are organized using the phonic rules and combinations used in reading. Each drill builds upon previous drills until a student has obtained mastery of all concepts. The four components to be addressed for a program to improve reading fluency include: phonological, perceptual, automaticity, and access to a record keeping device. Phonological awareness is covered in Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills by incorporating every vowel and consonant combination in the English language, and review is built into the program. Vision perception is an often overlooked area of reading fluency and is addressed by utilizing spacing—visual closure, and left to right reading progression—visual tracking. Automaticity and the use of the tracking forms completes the program as students continue to increase the words per minute they read and then track them on the included charts to see their progress. Designed for all types of students, Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills offers a program that increases reading speed and improves comprehension as the teacher should move immediately into a regular reading program after completing the drills. The drill itself is fairly simple to follow: the teacher goes over the sound the drill addresses, students read the drill out loud with no time limit, then the drill is timed for one minute as the student re-reads the drill out loud. During the timed portion of the drill the teacher makes note of any errors, without correcting the student at that time, and then goes over mistakes at the completion of the drill. The results are then placed on the chart for tracking progress. When allowing approximately four minutes for the pre-reading portion and the one minute of timed reading, the entire process should take approximately five minutes to complete.

I am very impressed with this program. One page at the start offers an Introduction and Explanation of the program that immediately educates the teacher as to the process and calms any concerns about using the book. The short time involved did not overwhelm my students, and my nine year old looked forward to the program even though he has only just begun to read. My daughter will soon be in the eleventh grade and I hesitated to use it with her, but for the sake of the review I did so anyway. She has been tested by the public school system at a post-college reading level, and still improved her actual reading speed by using this program. The Mastery Guide Chart with ranges of word count according to grade level is a tremendous tool for generalities concerning expectations via grade level. The Daily Tracking Charts are an incredible incentive for any age and an immediate sense of satisfaction was evident in each of my children as they improved their accuracy and the number of words read. This is a program that will be used for years to come in our home, as even my husband intends to use it with my son as he gets further along in the drills. At first glance it may look like just another simple word book, but used as instructed, Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills offers a tremendous asset to every student using it, regardless of reading level or age. No bells and whistles are necessary when you offer a really great program; the improvement seen in students is enough evidence that the program works.

I happen to be a list maker. The included Charts are a wonderful way to track progress as the drills are completed. We placed the two page Mastery Chart at the front of a language arts notebook and followed them with the Daily Charts, but my son still preferred to have his chart mounted on the refrigerator for all to see. I would have liked a specific tool for each drill that would allow me to mark accordingly for any word that was misread, skipped, or repeated. A simple spreadsheet would have solved the problem, and did, as I came up with one on my own that worked quite well. As I was using the book with several students, I was not about to mark little pencil checks or anything in my Teacher’s Manual, so having a separate form provided would have been wonderful. As a parent of a struggling reader, this type of chart also allowed me to pick up on some trouble spots with specific words and sounds that we needed to work on. The included charts are well done and offer tracking of all necessities in the program, but a timed drill note sheet would have thrilled my heart. We rarely kept our actual work time to below five minutes, as obviously, there is an adjustment between the pre-read and the timed read aloud portion of the drill. Even with an easily distracted nine year old, we never worked beyond approximately eight minutes. The technical time allotted for the program is five minutes, but it will take a few minutes more to mark progress on charts and discuss any errors.

If you are searching for a program that offers visual representation of reading improvement, the Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills from Bonnie Terry will do the job beautifully. In short spans of five minutes, your readers will increase their reading speed, visual tracking skills, and comprehension as you tie in your normal reading program after completing a drill. Every age group will improve with this program, and any reader, regardless of skill or deficit, will be able to track their improvement and increase fluency in a short five minutes a few times a week. Developed by an experienced learning disabilities specialist, the program worked well for both my learning delayed son and my gifted high school reader. The instructions are clear, short, and offer the information a teacher needs without any “fluff” muddling up the process. The tracking charts will help teachers see improvement, and will motivate students to incredible goals. Five Minutes To Better Reading Skills by Bonnie Terry should be a part of every homeschool, as it will improve reading fluency for readers of all ages and skill levels in a brief amount of time.

 the homeschoolmagazine.

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